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We provide 12 MONTHS of FREE ongoing maintenance and support.


High-quality website design and development services that suit varying requirements and budgets.


Search Engine Optimisation for new and established online businesses looking to expand their sales and online visibility.


We create online shops that don’t just look amazing but are built with user experience at the heart of the development.


Website Maintenance Services and Support – Do you require regular updates and maintenance for your website? We understand that most companies do not have the time or resources to dedicate to updating content, and images and ensuring their site is well-optimised.


Local presence but global reach! Lead Generation For Local Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Unlocking Opportunities for Your Business
Local SEO

We optimise your website and online presence to ensure maximum visibility in local search results, making it easier for potential customers in your area to find and connect with your business.

Global Reach

While focusing on the local market is crucial, expanding your reach beyond geographical boundaries opens up a world of opportunities. At Solve Graphics, we have the expertise and resources to help you tap into global markets and reach a wider audience.

Lead Generation For Local Businesses and Entrepreneur
Solve Graphics Social Media Marketing and Lead Generation For Local Businesses and Entrepreneur
social media to drive traffic and leads

Driving Traffic and Leads for Your Business

Harness the Power of Social Media

Social media has revolutionised the way businesses connect with their target audience. It offers a powerful platform to engage with potential customers, build brand awareness, and drive traffic to your website. At Solve Graphics, we specialise in leveraging social media to generate quality leads and increase your online presence.

Engaging content is at the heart of any successful social media strategy. Our team of skilled content creators at Solve Graphics will develop compelling and shareable content that resonates with your target audience. We craft informative blog posts, eye-catching visuals, and captivating videos that showcase your products or services and provide value to your followers. By sharing valuable content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, we can attract attention, encourage shares and likes, and ultimately drive traffic to your website.

we can create a series of visually appealing infographics or short tutorial videos that offer valuable tips and tricks related to your industry. By posting these on social media and directing viewers to your website for more detailed information, we can generate traffic and capture leads interested in learning more about your offerings.

Social media platforms provide extensive targeting options that allow us to reach your ideal audience with precision. We utilise this feature to design and execute targeted advertising campaigns that drive traffic and generate leads. By leveraging data on demographics, interests, and behaviours, we can create highly specific audience segments to ensure your ads are seen by the right people. For instance, if you run a fitness apparel brand targeting young professionals, we can create a Facebook advertising campaign that specifically targets individuals aged 25-35 who are interested in fitness and have shown a preference for similar brands. By showcasing your latest products, promotions, or exclusive offers, we can entice users to click on your ads, visit your website, and potentially convert into leads.

Building an engaged community on social media is vital for driving traffic and generating leads. We focus on fostering meaningful interactions, encouraging user-generated content, and building brand advocates who can amplify your message and attract more visitors to your website.

One effective tactic is to host social media contests or giveaways. By encouraging users to participate, share, and tag friends, we create a buzz around your brand, increase your social media following, and drive traffic to your website. To enter the contest, participants may be required to submit their contact information, allowing you to capture leads and nurture them through targeted email marketing campaigns.

Additionally, we actively engage with your audience by responding to comments, messages, and reviews, creating a positive brand image and building trust. By cultivating a loyal community on social media, we encourage users to explore your website, discover your products or services, and ultimately convert into leads.

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Frequently Asked Question

We begin your website within 2 business days and we aim to complete your website within 14 days. This does not include feedback and iteration time.

We go through a discovery session which is a fast and easy strategic planning framework to facilitate customer centric designs, prioritise your customers needs, define your brand and produce your results.

Yes, also we can design a custom website using HTML, CSS and Javascript as well as some other basic coding practises.

For website builds with CMS or blogging capabilities, you are able to edit the site yourself through your own login portal.For websites without CMS capabilities, simply email us the content and we’ll make them happen within 12 hours.

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